A Scorching Night with My Neighbor’s Wife

As we chatted and laughed into the night, I couldn’t help but notice how stunningly beautiful Sarah was. She had a slender frame, with long dark hair that flowed down her back in soft waves. Her breasts were small yet perky, framed by a delicate lace bra that barely contained them. And her hips – oh, those curvaceous hips! They swayed seductively as she moved around the patio, setting the stage for what was about to happen.

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I excused myself to use the restroom, but instead of returning outside, I found myself standing in front of my mirror, taking off my clothes until I was completely naked. My erection strained against my boxers as I imagined Sarah’s lips wrapped around it, her eyes looking up at me with pure desire.

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When I finally rejoin the party, Tom is sitting on one side of the patio while Sarah is lounging on a chaise longue. She notices me and gives me a playful smile before beckoning me over with her finger. As I walk towards her, she casually unbuttons her blouse, revealing her perfectly round breasts that seemed to defy gravity.

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I sit down beside Tom, but it doesn’t take long for my eyes to wander back to Sarah. She’s now lying on her stomach, the fabric of her skirt pulled up to expose her bare bottom. I can see the outline of her pussy through the thin material of her panties, and all I want is to feel that warmth surrounding me.

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As we continue our conversation, Sarah slowly starts removing pieces of clothing. Her bra comes off next, revealing rosy pink nipples standing at attention. Then it’s her skirt, followed by her panties. She stands up, completely naked now, and saunters over to the pool, climbing in as if she were a siren luring sailors to their doom.

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Tom excuses himself for a moment, leaving me alone with this goddess of desire. As I watch her swim lazily around the pool, my erection throbbing painfully against my shorts, Sarah emerges from the water and walks over to me. She straddles my lap, pressing her naked body against mine as she whispers seductively in my ear, “Do you want me?”

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I nod mutely, lost in a haze of lust-fueled confusion. Without another word, Sarah unzips my pants and pulls out my raging hardon. She takes it into her mouth, sucking gently at first before slowly increasing the pace until I’m thrusting upwards involuntarily.

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Sarah looks up at me with those beautiful hazel eyes of hers, a wicked grin on her lips as she releases my cock from between them. “I want to feel you inside me,” she says huskily, positioning herself over me once more. This time though, instead of just sitting down onto me, Sarah slides backwards until the tip of my penis brushes against her entrance.

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“Fuck me,” she whispers hoarsely, gripping my shoulders for support as I push into her. Her walls are so tight around me – like velvet-covered iron, milking every inch of my length with delicious friction.

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We continue our impassioned lovemaking well into the early hours of morning, losing ourselves in a haze of sweaty passion and raw animal instincts until the first light of dawn begins to filter through the trees. By then, Tom has long since retired inside his home, blissfully unaware of what transpired between me and his wife during those stolen moments under the moonlit sky.

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As I pull out of Sarah’s still-quivering body and dress hastily, she looks up at me with a smile that seems to hold both regret and satisfaction in equal measure. “Thank you,” she murmurs softly before disappearing into her house as well.

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I collapse onto my patio chair, trying to catch my breath while simultaneously replaying the night’s events in my mind. It was raw, it was passionate, but most importantly – it was unforgettable. And despite knowing that this encounter will likely remain just a fleeting memory, I can’t help but feel an odd sense of contentment wash over me as the sun rises, casting its golden glow upon the now empty patio.

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